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A Pair of Marquise Shaped Diamond, 0.84ct,VS1,VVS2.

If you need jewellery design, please contact us.


Find your inquiries below:

A Pair of Marquise Shape Diamond 0.84 carat for each

    • Make a list of your choice in 4C standard, which is your inquires.


    • Carat
    • 0.5 ct above
    • Cutting
    • Choose 3 of the cutting standard. Astor is the best for who knows art.
    • Very good, ideal or Astor


    • Clarity
    • Choose the right fit "Clarity standar" for your quantity requires and design.
    • VS2、VS1 : Wright in “no Visible Inclusion under 10 times magnification”.
    • VVS2、VVS1、IF、FL: flawless


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