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Ordered by Chris Evan for his ready to marry wife Aiba Baptista

Emerald Cut Diamond, 1.17 ct, G, VS1,7.73X5.3X3.08

If you need design service, please contact us.


Find your inquiries below:

Emerald Cut Diamond 1.17 ct

In a month arrangement.
    • Make a list of your choice in 4C standard, which is your inquires.


    • Carat
    • 0.5 ct above
    • Cutting
    • Choose 3 of the cutting standard. Astor is the best for who knows art.
    • Very good, ideal or Astor


    • Clarity
    • Choose the right fit "Clarity standar" for your quantity requires and design.
    • VS2、VS1 : Wright in “no Visible Inclusion under 10 times magnification”.
    • VVS2、VVS1、IF、FL: flawless


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