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Have faith. Nothing else.

以十字構成空心結構體,正面是光亮的十字,側面即是魚,設計呼應聖經故事五餅二魚,豐盛有餘,耶穌以五塊餅兩條魚餵飽五千人的故事。FOI 每天的配戴就是屬靈的提醒。(聖經經文馬太福音十四章13~21節)



This cross structured jewellery was inspired from a Bible story, Matthew 14:13~14:21. Abstracted the idea of 2 fishes from the story, and combined a structural and round featured cross, FOI giving an impression of a shining cross and a fish on each sides.

FOI is comfortable designed to be worn in your daily life, bring the Holy Spirit idea everyday with you.